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Test Your Bible Knowledge


1. The firmament was

a. Earth

b. The space between Heaven and Earth

c. Heaven

d. The great lights

2. God formed man of

a. Clay

b. Mud

c. Dust

d. Detritus

3. The tree, the fruit of which man was forbidden to eat, was the tree of

a. Knowledge of good and evil

b. Knowledge of evil

c. Evil

d. life

4. Of the four rivers that branched from the river of Eden, one was the

a. Euphrates

b. Abanah

c. Jordan

d. Halys

5. God made women

a. To aid man in his struggle against the serpent.

b. Because no help meet for man was found among the beast of the field and the fowl of the air.

c. Because man has been created with too many ribs

d. To endow mankind with the symmetry of the heavenly bodies.

6. In the specific language of Genesis, a man and his wife become one flesh, as the father and mother are left by

a. The man, who cleaves to his wife.

b. The woman who cleaves to her husband.

c. Both the man and woman, who cleave to each other.

d. Neither, who nevertheless cleave to each other.

7. “For dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return,” said the Lord God to

a. Adam

b. The woman

c. Adam and the women

d. Serpent claimed he had said not a word

8. Adam called his wife Eve because

a. She came after God had caused a deep sleep to fail upon Adam

b. She was the mother of all living

c. It was evening, when the Lord God questioned them

d. The word “eve” signifies in Hebrew, “woman”

9. Adam and eve were expelled from the Garden of Eden to present them from

a. Repeating their previous offense.

b. Eating of the tree of life

c. Remaining under the influence of the serpent

d. Believing they could disregard the Lord’s edicts with impunity

10. Adam and Even became aware that they were naked

a. After talking with serpent, but before eating the forbidden fruit

b. After talking with the Lord God.

c. Just before talking with the serpent.

d. After eating the forbidden fruit, but before talking with Lord God.

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